“Shore Power Now” Month for February 2014
Launched by Charleston Communities for Cruise Control”



Shore Power Now!



Charleston, SC: Charleston Communities for Cruise Control (c4) has
designated February 2014 as “Shore Power Now” month to highlight
the mounting evidence that the use of shore power in Charleston, as
demonstrated by many other ports across the globe, would reduce
pollution from cruise ships in our community.

Our objective in focusing on shore power during February is to
encourage the City of Charleston and the State Ports Authority (SPA) to
support shore power for the betterment of Charleston residents and
visitors. We will unveil a new billboard and an educational campaign to
provide the public at large with a greater understanding of the health
and environmental protections shore power would provide for the
community and especially residents, workers and tourists closest to the
cruise operation in downtown Charleston.

With two State Representatives now seeking to earmark State funds for
shore power at the new cruise terminal, it is important for the general
public to be aware of the health and environmental dangers created by
cruise operations in Charleston, as recognized by the Charleston County
Medical Society (CCMS) and the South Carolina Medical Association

By utilizing shore power while in port, the home-port ship (currently
Carnival’s 25 year-old Fantasy) would lower harmful emissions of
various pollutants by up to 97% versus what the ship would emit
burning even the cleanest diesel fuels required in 2015. The pollution
reductions would be even greater for the larger ships that SPA’s
proposed cruise terminal is designed to allow it to host.

In other news, check out our newest billboard celebrating Shore Power Month(s)!

C4 Billboard