What is C4?

C4 (Charleston Communities for Cruise Control) is a group of individuals seeking a balance between the increasing cruise ship activity in downtown Charleston and quality of life for Charleston residents.  In no way is C4 against maritime use or shipping or the SPA.  We encourage responsible cruise ship activity.
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Do you want to get rid of cruise ships?

No.  We believe the City and SPA should commit to a limit on the number and size of cruise ships that visit Charleston.  The SPA has offered a voluntary promise of 104 cruise ships per year, an average of two per week.  We believe this promise should be put into an enforceable city ordinance to ensure balance among industry and residents.

What do you mean by “cruise control”? 

We believe the size and frequency of cruise ships should be balanced with the City of Charleston: 104 per year, an average of 2 per week and ships no larger than 3500 passengers.  Cruise Control means balance but it also means protection of our health and water quality.  Implementing shore side power will help our air quality by allowing the ships to plug in rather than idle and burn dirty fuel while in port.  Committing to not dump waste or water within 12 miles of shore is another public agreement that the City, SPA and Carnival can make to keep our water clean.

Why is Shore Power the best approach for cleaner air emissions?
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How is Shore Power different from Scrubber technology?
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What about the terminal location?

The Union Pier terminal is currently planned to shift north from the end of Market Street to the end of Society Street. We believe all possible sites for a new cruise terminal should be studied, considering both positive and negative impacts, so the best option is selected.

What about the redevelopment of Union Pier?

The southern portion of Union Pier will be planned at a later date for redevelopment.  The warehouse on the northern end of the Union Pier property is currently being redesigned for use as a cruise terminal.  We have attended public meetings about its design.  The wharf is 1800’, which is capable of hosting 2 ships at a time. Nine acres of surface parking adjoin the terminal and can park 2 ships worth of cars.  A legally binding limit on the number of ships should be put in place, reflecting the current verbal 1 ship at a time agreement, especially since the infrastructure around the new terminal can accommodate more.

Is C4 part of the lawsuit against Carnival?

No.  The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are the Coastal Conservation League, the Preservation Society of Charleston, the Charlestowne Neighborhood Association and the Historic Ansonborough Neighborhood Association.  Some C4 members are also members of these organizations, but generally our membership consists of citizens from all over the greater Charleston area, including Mt. Pleasant and North Charleston who are concerned about traffic, pollution and other issues which have resulted from this greatly increased and new use of Union Pier.

Charleston has always been a port city.  How can you say that cruise operations are out of character or a problem? 

What’s new is that Charleston is now acting as a home port.  This has significantly increased the amount of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, airborne pollutants and noise resulting from cruise operations.  We can balance our maritime history, our thriving port economy, our cruise industry and our local community by ensuring the right scale of the cruise industry.  We can do that and have a vital port at the same time – but only if we have limits.