All these people who don’t live downtown continually write the paper citing economic benefits of the cruise industry. I want them to listen to me:

No one, not a single person, has proposed abolishing this industry from Charleston. It is only the impact of said industry that has people’s feathers ruffled; and rightly so, as they are the most impacted by this issue.

Imagine the circus comes to your community with all its paraphernalia, and thousands descend upon your village square for the entire day. Yes, there is an economic benefit for your community.

Now imagine that the same circus decamps at the end of the day, then returns five days later week after week and month after month.

I am positive that it would wear on you, then wear you down, then raise your ire to the point you would regret the sacrifice you made to your quality of life in the name “Circuses are Good for Our Town and Beneficial for Our Shop Owners.”

Come on folks, there is an impact even if you don’t feel it. We feel it every five days.

Move the terminal. It is the right thing to do.